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San Diego, CA.
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Sunday Oct 7th - Majlis Shahadat Imam Zainulabideen(AS)

Friday Oct 12th - Majlis Dakhil e Darbaar e Shaam

Friday Oct19th - Majlis Shahadat Bibi Sakina(SA)

Monday Oct29th - Majlis Arbaeen -
Speaker: Dr. Syed Raza Ali

Sunday Nov4th - Majlis Shahadat Bibi Zainab(SA), Imam Hassan(AS) & Rasoole Khuda(SAW) -
Speaker: Maulana Imran Haider Saqi

Thursday Nov15th - Majlis Shahadat Imam Hassan Askari(AS)/Alvidai Majlis -
Speaker: Dr. Syed Raza Ali